Namlos Pass

Map 3D Fly-through


Description and Comments

Contributer: SMR Staff (08-01-2007)
Distance: 25.7 km.

This map was created by SMR Staff from user community recommendations and freely available resources. Is this your favorite motorcycle road? The most scenic place to tour? The top twisty route to enjoy on a sportbike? The best off-road trail to test your adventure riding skills? Comment below and let us know. While we'd love to ride and review eachroad, route or trail, but we need your help! If you've got first hand knowledge of this ride, please submit a description in the comments section below. Tell us why this is your favorite motorcycle ride, what places on this route appeal to motorcyclists, where are the fun twisty stretches of road, where are the places to avoid, and where are the top places to stop and enjoy the scenery. If you have pictures you can upload them here. We'll post all of your input as part of the official ride description!

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