Two day fall colours tour

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Contributer: Tayedrummer - (10-01-2009)
Distance: 819.2 km.

This is a nice two day ride along secondary roads to take in the fall colours. If leaving from Toronto the best plan is to leave bright and early, do a 45 min tear along the 401 to Coburg then say goodbye to freeways.

If you are taking this trip in the fall you're likely a little chilly from the freeway so the Grafton Inn is about 15min along this route after you exit from the 401 and is a great breakfast stop to warm up, relax and fill up with a nice hot breakfast (oatmeal with hot apples, brown sugar and cinnamon will get you ready to face the day).

As you ride east you'll see signs for Lake on the Mountain park right before the Picton ferry. It's a short detour with a nice lookout onto the Bay of Quinte. This route turns north before reaching Kingston but if you haven't been to this historic city before you may want to explore a bit.

Day one ends in Calabogie a small town. Dickson Manor/Calabogie Peaks Resort is the nicest place to stay in the area but the Calabogie Motor Inn is good motel accommodation and it has a bar/grill right beside it. Both of those places can get booked up quickly so you can look for rental cottages in the area or you'll find chain hotel/motels in Arnprior and Renfrew and they're only 20-30km away.

Keep your eyes peeled as you're leaving Calabogie on Day 2. There is a right hand turn a little ways out that I always seem to blow by and missing it brings you down Hydro Dam road, a dead end and a dam between Norcan Lake and Black Donald Lake.

The majority of your day will be spent on great winding backroads that skirt the southern end of Algonquin Park. I've found this route much more enjoyable and scenic than riding though the park on the wider Hwy60. If the weather is lousy you can cut a chunk out of this day when you see Hwy35 by turning south and Toronto-bound or you can continue in through the Huntsville/Lake Rosseau region before making the turn for home.

Happy riding!

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