Baja Peninsula

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Contributer: motoquest (04-04-2007)
Distance: 2000 km.

The ride covers the entire Baja peninsula from South to North (we arrived by Ferry to La Paz) towards California in the US, riding on the Highway number 1 also known as Carretera Transpeninsular, with other highways included for the Los Cabos Loop and the beautiful Ensenada Scenic Highway before Tijuana. All the major and famous Baja highways are there.

The waypoints include all roadside gas stations (important since there are two 350km stretches with no gas stations), all toll cabins (not many but complete), and the mandatory scenic areas, some hotels and restaurants we visited and also I included waypoints for relevant towns and cities along the way.

The distance is about 2000km on paved roads and two States are involved Baja California (BC) and Baja California Sur (BCS) with a very small portion of Sonora (SON) because the ride ends in San Luis Rio Colorado when the Colorado River meets the Sea of Cortez also called Gulf of California (and because that's geographically where the Baja California Peninsula ends). From the Mexican Pacific Coast to the Sea of Cortez and with some truly breath-taking landscapes like the Loreto-Mulege corridor, the Valley of the Cirios, the Vizcaino Reserve, the Calafia Vineyards and the imposing Rumorosa between Tecate and Mexicali. From Cabo to Tijuana and beyond, this is a ride with that unique combination of sea and desert Baja-style!

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