2011 Ducati 1198 SP

Oct 5, 2010

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Ducati unveiled the 2011 1198 'SP' Superbike today at the INTERMOT International Motorcycle Fair.

The 168kg (370.3lb) (dry weight) 1198 SP creates a dream package by taking everything that the 1198 model has, including DTC, DDA and the new DQS systems, and adding top-of-the-range Öhlins suspension, lightweight chassis components, a lightweight factory team-style aluminium fuel tank and slipper clutch.

The high performance, fully adjustable 43mm Öhlins forks, which sport low friction titanium nitride-treated fork sliders, respond effortlessly to every imperfection in the tarmac. Beyond their advanced engineering solutions, one of the most important characteristics of Öhlins forks is their ability to communicate the condition and quality of the tyre-to-road contact patch, a feature that puts every rider in superior control. The suspension set-up at the rear is complemented with a fully adjustable Öhlins TTX rear shock equipped with a ride enhancing top-out spring and mounted to a single-sided swingarm for outstanding drive and traction. The front-to-rear Öhlins package is completed with a control-enhancing adjustable steering damper.

On any sport or race bike, the most effective area to reduce weight is its 'unsprung weight'. These are components like tyres, brakes and wheels. Lighter wheels have a lower 'moment of inertia' that is beneficial with every direction change and application of the brakes. The 1198 SP addresses this important area by mounting 7-spoke Marchesini forged and machined wheels. Both front and rear are super lightweight and their benefit is immediately apparent. The weight saving is further enhanced with the application of a carbon fibre front fender.

The 1198 SP weighs in at 1kg (2.2lb) less than the 2010 1198 S thanks to the beautifully made lightweight fuel tank, which also boosts the bike's fuel capacity by 2.5 litres (0.66 US gal) to 18 litres (4.75 US gal). The tank is formed in 2mm thick aluminium, brush finished and then painted and clear-coated to create a racing stripe of natural aluminium that accentuates the factory race tank feel.

The 1198 is supplied with the Ducati Data Analysis (DDA), Ducati Traction Control (DTC) and Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) systems as standard equipment. The DDA package enables the retrieval and analysis of data collected from a previous track session or road trip and DTC monitors front and rear wheel speeds to detect rear wheel-spin under acceleration and electronically reduces engine power to restore traction. DQS allows the throttle to remain open when changing-up through the gearbox, helping to save vital seconds in the pursuit of faster lap-times.

The 2011 1198 SP is available in two colour schemes. The traditional Ducati red is now supported by a new diamond black and completed with red Trellis frames and black wheels with signature red pin-striping.