Ducati desmo challenge ready for 2008

Jan 15, 2008

Lots of exciting news for the fourth edition of the famous single brand Ducati championship

After a sparkling season with 137 riders signed up and as many as 160 riders taking off at the memorable race in Misano during World Ducati Week, the Ducati Desmo Challenge is preparing for a 2008 season with two great pieces of news.

At the Magione (Umbria) circuit in April, the fourth edition of the prestigious Ducati trophy will begin. Only three years after its debut, this competition has become undoubtedly one of the single brand trophies with the highest number of participants.

2007 Edition
The 2007 season of the Desmo Challenge was characterized by many surprises that made the trophy unforgettable. The first was during the race at Misano on June 28th - 30th that took place during the incredible official world gathering of Ducatisti (WDW2007) where riders from the Challenge had the chance to race in front of an audience of more than 50,000 passionate Ducatisti on a renovated circuit in a festive atmosphere. Other exciting news was the European race on July 22nd which took place at the Pannonia circuit in Hungary together with other famous races in a motorcycling environment like the historical Ducati Speed Week.

Important News for 2008
There are two exciting things for the next season: the chance to participate in the Supersport class with the new Ducati 848, benefiting from a separate class, and the introduction of a new class appropriately dedicated to the Hypermotard. The participants of the Hypermotard class must have an official racing kit, while all of the 848 models present in the Supersport class must have a complete Termignoni exhaust. Pirelli will be the new partner for the supply and technical assistance for tyres for the 2008 season.

The spectacular formula that has made the DDC famous since its beginning in 2005 isn't changing - exclusively reserved race tracks, many classes with at least three Open categories and shows and entertainment for the public. Racing in the Ducati Desmo Challenge means coming into a great family of passionate Ducatisti. During the event, there will be fun events to get to know each other and exchange helpful advice. There will be special events, like an aperitif at Ducati Hospitality, a soccer game or concert and chances to test Ducati models both in appropriate areas inside the paddock as well as on the track, organised at almost all of the races.

The participation classes are the following: Superbike (Open 4 Valves), Protwins (Open 2 Valves), Ducati Superstock, Ducati Supersport (749 and 848), Sport Classic and Hypermotard.

The Ducati Desmo Challenge has a monetary jackpot (still being defined) that will be divided between the absolute winners in the final classifications in each of the six classes, as well as the Ducati Store and Ducati Owners Club absolute winners in the final classification of the six classes. There are separate classifications for numerous categories such as women, riders over 45 years old, and rookies.

In addition to the cup, there will be surprises like the congratulations and presence of a Ducati rider on the podium. At the end, there will be a special final ceremony with Ducati riders and personalities.

Circuits and Dates
The 2008 Trophy takes place over 5 races at the main Italian circuits. The dates are still being determined and will be published as soon as possible, together with the General and Technical Regulations at

- Autodromo dell'Umbria - Magione
- Misano World Circuit
- Autodromo Riccardo Paletti - Varano
- Autodromo di Vallelunga
- Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello

Cost and Resgistration Form
The registration cost is fixed at 2200 Euro + VAT excluding the Sport Classic class whose cost is 1800 Euro + VAT. Registration for riders that took part in to 2007 Challenge opens on 10/10/2008. For the new participants, it opens on 21/01/2008. Attention: there is a 10% discount for registrations that arrive before 15/02/2008 and a 50% (non cumulative) discount for women. There is a limited number of participants (32 per class). You can download the registration form from and Included in the registration cost are a day of free practice before the race, free practice sessions and enrolment in all races, a final gadget, various benefits, a welcome kit and a free set of tyres.

For information about the registration form, contact: MOTO ITALIANE - Sig. Franco Bartoli - Tel. +39/055/686649 or e-mail

For technical information, regulations and racing kits, contact TECHNA RACING - Sig. Claudio Pacifici - Tel. +39/3281686750 or e-mail