Ducati Desmosedici total production run limited to 1500

Oct 10, 2007

The Desmosedici RR - the ultimate expression of Ducati Corse's racing experience and technology transferred to a road bike - has become the new benchmark for performance, components and style for the entire sector.

Since the RR's launch in June 2006 on the eve of the Italian GP at Mugello and the possibility to reserve the bike in Ducati Stores throughout the world, the hundreds of requests received mean that the bike has become an immediate commercial success. Production of the first true MotoGP replica will begin in a few days time.

Never before has so much expectation surrounded a bike destined for road use. The RR is an exclusive and esoteric product that also deserves some sort of safeguard for those enthusiasts who have ordered it. Following the recent victory of the MotoGP world title and with requests continuing to pour in from the dealer network in addition to the 1250 orders already received, Ducati has decided to limit the total number of Desmosedici RRs produced in the Borgo Panigale factory to 1500. Once again, Ducati wishes to reward the trust and loyalty of all those customers who made an early reservation and who can now see the value of their purchase increase even before collecting it from their dealer.

At this point, with very few bikes still available, anyone who is still undecided is advised to hurry, as Ducati expects to bring an end to reservations soon. Production will begin in the second fortnight of the month of October 2007 and, as promised, Ducati will give delivery priority to the approximately 500 owners of the 999R who have ordered the Desmosedici RR and who will receive it before the end of this year. For the remaining reservations, Ducati guarantees the delivery of the entire production run by the end of 2008.