Desmosedici on the rocks

Jan 15, 2008

In a spectacular opening ceremony at the Wrooom MotoGP Press Ski Meeting 2008, a Desmosedici carried out a highly unusual test. Official Ducati test rider, Vittoriano Guareschi, completed a number of laps of a frozen lake!

Rising to the challenge of taming a 200 plus HP Desmosedici, Guareschi skilfully counter-steered the rear wheel sliding bike, creating dramatic 'rooster tails' of ice all around the track.

After saying goodbye to a cheering crowd, a frozen Vittoriano, who had only been wearing his normal race leathers, quickly returned to the warm marquee.

In preparation for these unusual 'track' conditions, the Desmosedici had been equipped with specially 'spiked' Bridgestone tyres and steel brake discs. The Ducati mechanics, brilliant as always, worked hard to make sure the Desmosedici engine operated at the correct temperature despite the freezing conditions of Madonna di Campiglio.