7th International KTM Festival

Sep 10, 2007

The 7th International KTM Festival wrapped up three days intense riding fun when more than 850 riders packed up their beloved machines and broke camp to conclude the biggest and most successful Orange Family event in the company's history.

Thank you Hungary! Thank you Hungaroring! A great host country and a great cooperation with the staff of one of the world's premier international racing circuits. Around 1200 participants leave the KTM Festival, taking with them great memories of a packed program of events and three days of continual riding fun. KTM enthusiasts tested themselves on everything from the challenging curves of the Formula One circuit to the tricky Enduro track, from the challenging jumps of the Motocross course to the asphalt surfing on the Supermoto track. They had the unique opportunity of riding together with the KTM factory riders and, in turn, the KTM international stars had their share of riding fun exchanging their machines for some cross discipline experiences on the tracks.

A real international family
That the Orange Family now goes far beyond its Austrian roots was clear by the turnout of festival participants from no less than 40 countries. More than 25 importers came from as far away as Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Morocco and Venezuela. They joined 60 international journalists and riders from Austria, host country Hungary, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The youngest active participant was just four years old, the oldest 62.

The Festival concluded with a blue ribbon event, the Super Duke Battle of the Nations with 38 participants testing themselves out on the world famous circuit with Finland taking first place honours for their country.

Wings for Life Foundation
Riders, participants and KTM partner companies were all generous with their donations and purchase of tickets for the special raffle to raise funds for the Wings for Life Foundation, founded by motocross legend Heinz Kinigadner and CEO of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz, raising no less than EURO 21,000 to go towards research into prevention and treatment of spinal injury.

The individual competitions were popular, hotly contested and enjoyed by participants and spectators alike. In addition, 450 riders took the opportunity to take part in the guided motorcycle tours around the area. KTM Factory riders signed more than 2000 autographs and KTM Customer Service answered more than 100 inquiries. WP adjusted the suspension on almost 300 bikes and around the circuit there were two kilometers of endless banners, 35 kilometer of barrier tape and 200 circuit posts. Before and during the Festival had 190,000 visitors who accessed no less than 700,000 page impressions.

But it will not be the numbers that will be best remembered. It will be three days of zesty orange fun with the entire KTM family. The 7th KTM International Festival was one to truly remember, setting standards for the next great meeting of the Orange family in two years time.

KTM Festival Role of Honour
Super Champ
1. Kai Armin Pfefferle
2. Roy Ludwig
3. Tim Kiess
1. Imre Adamek
2. Sebastian Krywult
3. Patryk Kwasny
1. Markus Auer
2. Ady Smith
3. Cedric Cremer
1. Tim Kiess
2. Kai Armin Pfefferle
3. Christian Scherer
Super Duke Battle of the Nations
1. Sami Penna
2. Pauli Pekkanen
3. Andrea Padovani