Hawk's Nest Loop - Port Jervis

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Contributer: JuergenB (11-10-2009)
Distance: 69.7 mi.

This short loop through the 'Hawk's Nest' highlights an unbelievable winding cliffside run overlooking the Upper Delaware river at the NY/Pennsylvania border. Start at Port Jervis and take Route 97 to Narrowsburgh. From there, loop back on Welcome Lake Road (Route 590) all the way to HWY 6 and ending in Milford, PA. There are plenty of places to stop along the way, many with spectacular views, making this a popular place for tourists - watch out for slow cars coming out of the turnouts.
Short loop from Port Jervis, via the Hawk's Nest twisties, via Route 97, via Narrowsburgh, to Milford

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